We enjoy having families come out together and enjoy the experience of picking strawberries. We actually have patrons that were coming out with their parents as children and because of the good experience are returning to us as young adults.

Some helpful hints to keep in mind:

1) The age of the children participating should meet your expectations. Picking a small bucket might be the extent of enthusiasm for a younger child. Feel free to bring a small picking pail such as a sand bucket so the younger children can "fill their pail" all by themselves.

2) Bring along a snack and drink for your children - this will usually buy you a little extra patch time.

3) Strawberries grow best in the sun. With this in mind - be sure to apply plenty of sun screen and maybe choose cooler times of day to pick. Early morning and late afternoon seem to work best for our younger patrons.

4) If you have very young children, feel free to bring along the stroller. We will be glad to assist you with getting it to the field.

5) We do ask that you keep all minors with you at ALL times. This is a working farm with all of the tractors and ponds that excite little ones. We also ask that you are mindful of the strawberries that your children are picking - (is it a strawberry that you want to carry home?)