Welcome to Ingram's Strawberry Farm
- High Point, North Carolina

Welcome to the Ingram Strawberry Farm website. We are a 3rd generation family farm located in Southern Guilford County within an easy drive of Greensboro, High Point, Thomasville and other Piedmont communities.

Come meet the family. The true farmers in the operation are Richard and Dean (father and son respectively). Of course no farmer is worth his weight in salt without a good soul mate to stand behind him, so along came Kathryn and Rhonda (mother and daughter-in-law). Now comes the 3rd generation - Casie, Mikaela and Lauren are enjoying the life of a strawberry farmer even at their young ages. Of course the perks for them are simple - all the ripe strawberries that mom and dad will allow them to eat!

The farm is a "Century Farm" - that means it has been in the family for over 100 years. The Ingrams have been raising strawberries on the farm for over 25 years. The operation began with traditional strawberries grown in matted rows. In 1995, our operation moved into plasti-culture for strawberries. Our patrons have enjoyed this change over. It allows for easier picking and cleaner fruit. The principle is simple- strawberries are grown on a raised bed of dirt that has a plastic cover on it. We offer 6 acres of strawberries for your picking pleasure. You may pick your own strawberries, which is a wonderful experience, or you may get your strawberries already picked.

The magic of strawberry season seems to be the announcement of springs arrival. This is one of the first fruits of spring that you can get and after a long winter everyone is ready. We strive each year to provide our patrons with an enjoyable experience of strawberry picking and the sweet rewards of spring with the best tasting strawberries around. So with spring here - pack up the van, grab a friend, gather up a bucket and come on out to enjoy the true pleasures of spring. Bring your family out to join our family for a great time.