Pre-picked strawberries is just as it says - you walk up, make your request for the number of pounds you want, take your strawberries and leave without working up a sweat. There is one simply thing you can do to make the process even better - please place your order ahead of time so that we can have them waiting on you.

When you call to order your strawberries you will be asked a couple of questions.
1) How many pounds would you like? We sell by the pound - it is an easier measure for us to deal with. It takes 5 lbs to make a gallon. We do not have a minimum or a maximum order.
2) When would you like to pick your strawberries up? We have strawberries available to pick up during our regular hours of operation. By determining a pick up time then we can ensure you the freshest strawberries possible. Occasionally we will stop taking orders for a particular day to prevent over extending our obligations. We will try to work with everyone's needs as best we can.
3) How do you need your order broken up? Occasionally one person might plan on picking up strawberries for several folks. If you call that order in as 5 lbs but grandma wants 3 lbs and Aunt Gert wants 2 lbs then we can help you out by having these already weighed out as a 3 lb box and a 2 lb box. We are going to try and make your visit as pleasurable as possible and having your strawberries weighed up the way you need them is one way we can do that.
4) May we have a name and phone number please? Occasionally a rain storm might slip up on us and mess up our perfectly laid plans of getting all the orders filled. If this should happen, we like to have a phone number so that we can work with you on getting your strawberries for you at another convenient time.

Now you might understand why the system works really well if you place your order ahead of time.